WG-3 – Atmospheric Gases Process and Equipment

The purpose and objectives of WG-3 include:

Promoting the safe design, installation, operation and maintenance of facilities used in the production of the atmospheric gases and their associated cryogenic liquids.

Reviewing and providing guidance on preventive measures for atmospheric gases process or equipment related incidents. This shall include incidents that have been reported through the Safety Advisory Council or the Industrial Gases Council.

Monitoring the progress, and influencing as far as possible, any proposed European Union or European national legislation that could impact atmospheric gases production facilities, to ensure that any new legislation is both practical and effective.

WG-3´s scope of work on process and process equipment include:

  • Cryogenic and non-cryogenic air separation plants
  • Atmospheric gases liquefier plants
  • Atmospheric gases pipeline delivery systems
  • Process machinery including compressors, expanders and pumps related to air separation units
  • Filling and storage systems directly related to air separation units
  • Safety distances for equipment/building separation
  • Safety protection devices