Who we are

The Association

European Industrial Gases Association

EIGA – is a safety and technically oriented organisation representing the vast majority of European and also non-European companies producing and distributing industrial, medical and food gases. The member companies closely co-operate in technical and safety matters to achieve the highest level of safety and environmental care in the handling of gases. EIGA is in frequent touch with Standardisation and Regulatory Organisations and Authorities as well as trade and industrial organisations. EIGA’s membership comprises European companies that produce or distribute industrial and/or medical gases. As such, EIGA itself does not produce or market industrial or medical gases.



EIGA is commited to accomplish the following mission:
Maintain the highest standards of safety and concern for the environment at work and in the community
Provide Authorities and Standardisation bodies with expert advice on production, transport, storage and applications of industrial, medical and food gases
Promote consistency of safety, health, environmental and technical standards throughout the industrial gas industry



EIGA actively promotes safety, health and environmental care through working groups at management and technical expert levels, through the publication of a wide range of technical literature, and through the organisation of conferences and seminars.

The objectives that these activities address can be defined as follows:

  • To promote general safety, health, and environmental awareness in the Industrial, Medical and Food Gases industries so that occupational injury and illness is minimised, environmental damage is avoided, and continual improvement of performance in these areas is achieved.
  • To review accidents and identify their causes to provide guidance on preventing their recurrence or minimising their consequences.
  • To provide information and recommendations to local, national and international authorities and organisations for their guidance in the preparation of laws, regulations and standards which are both practical and effective.
  • To promote harmonisation in technical and safety related standards and practices within the industry through establishing effective liaison with other international and national gas associations, and working with them to achieve international consistency.
  • To co-operate with other organisations on safety and environmental standardisation matters.
  • To organise and arrange international congresses or conferences on topics within the Associations field of activities, and make the outcome available to the Associations members, to the relevant national and international authorities, and to the general public.
  • To initiate research and studies, through its Expert Working Groups, in the Associations field of activities, particularly in the area of safety, and to prepare and issue publications.