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EIGA, as one of the oldest Industrial Gases Association, has developed continuously over the past century and has grown to currently represent more than 160 members and continues to change to ensure it represents the interests of the industry.

EIGA membership gives you the opportunity to get access to a professional network amongst experts from the largest and most competent companies in the world with a broad background from gas manufacturing, analysing, filling, distributing, etc.

Furthermore, as an EIGA member, your staff has full access to the extensive and valuable EIGA library with its technical documents, training packages or safety alerts, etc – as well as to the working groups and experts that create them.

Representatives of your company will be personally invited to all EIGA events, to develop and enlarge their network with people not only from Europe but from around the globe as a result of our good cooperation with other regional associations.

If there are individual problems to be solved in your plants or for example with your authorities regarding regulations, our experts will advice where possible.

Become an active participant to all EIGA events and you will get all the benefits of our services.

Please contact EIGA’s General Secretary to apply for membership.
Avenue de l’Astronomie 30
1210  Brussels Belgium

Phone:  +32 2 217 70 98