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EIGA : European Industrial Gases Association - AISBL

EIGA has moved

The new EIGA address is Rue de l'Astronomie 30, B-1210 Brussels.

For the majority of visitors arriving by metro: the new offices are nearby to the same "Madou" metro-station you are familiar with.

Visitors arriving by car can call EIGA to check the availability of the few parking spaces we have in the basement of the new building.

Experts staying overnight usually stay in the Crowne Plaza hotel. The walk from the hotel has now become a bit shorter.

Phone numbers and other contact details remain unchanged.

Welcome !

The new location is better equipped to welcome the Working Group experts. The EIGA staff is looking forward to welcome you as soon as Covid will allow it.

Did you know we can now accommodate you (outside of the Working Group meetings) with a place to work whenever you are in Brussels between meetings or waiting for your train or flight. Just give us a call.


This section will be updated regularly.
It was first published on 28 February 2020 and last updated on 6 October 2020

Members with sector-related requests around the COVID-19 pandemic can contact Philippe or Jan (*).  Upon discussing the request/matter within the EIGA community, EIGA will take appropriate action (sharing information, setting up a temporary expert group, escalate to the EIGA Board, …) and feedback.

How EIGA supports our industry to continue to save lives:

  • Read here how the Medical Gases industry successfully ramped up oxygen supply to COVID-19 patients
  • Technical Bulletin TB 35 provides explanation to EIGA members and others who fill the listed gases in M326, what they should do and not do.
  • With COVID-19, a lot of people are handling large cylinders they are not familiar with. Doc 229 offers a new Guidance for Manual Handling includes ergonomic principles that can be adopted to reduce likelihood of musculoskeletal issues.
  • Briefing Note BN 27 (for members only) was issued to support the “Temporary Use of Equipment Not CE Marked as Devices in Medical Gas Service” during the pandemic for use in medical or breathing gas service.
  • EIGA published a Briefing Note BN 26 (for members only) on how to disinfect cylinders, to assure the safety of operating staff and drivers, but also users and in addition to obtain a sufficient number of empty cylinders to assure the supply to healthcare facilities and homecare services. See also the related Doc 222.
  • Issue a MGC Briefing Note BN 25 (for members only) with proposals for temporary derogation measures to support the continuation of supply of all medical gases to healthcare facilities and homecare services.

EIGA shares good practices, country implementation and status, actions our different members undertake, and other relevant information as provided by the National Associations and our members. The objective is to provide insights on the status within our membership and in the different countries. This overview (for members only) can be downloaded here.

  • Because of the pandemic, EIGA has requested temporary derogations to dangerous goods transport regulations.  As result, UNECE ADR Geneva published
    • M326 on “Periodic inspection and test of pressure receptacles”, describing for a limited time period and for certain gases, that closed cryogenic receptacles and pressure receptacles arriving for refill that have an expired date of periodic inspection and test, are permitted to be filled and carried.
    • M325 on ADR “periodic or intermediate inspections of tanks, and certificate of approval for vehicles in accordance”
    • M324 on “ADR driver training certificates and safety adviser certificates”.
    • Or see down this list, for the latest status.

    All EIGA meetings are changed to Net Meetings until further notice, but at least until 1 January 2021.


The European Industrial Gases Association, EIGA, is a safety and technically oriented organisation representing the vast majority of European and a number of non-European companies producing and distributing industrial, medical and food gases.

EIGA is an International Non-Profit Organisation (AISBL).

The member companies closely co-operate in safety and technical matters concerning production, transport, storage and application to achieve the highest level of safety and environmental care in the handling of gases. EIGA also initiates the development of appropriate standards and provides standardisation bodies with technological expertise.
EIGA fully co-operates with all National Industrial Gas Associations and Regional Industrial Gas Associations around the world such as AIGA (Singapore), ANZIGA (Australia/New Zealand), CGA (USA), JIMGA (Japan), MEGA (Middle East), SACGA (South Africa), which are all associated members to EIGA.

The EIGA Summer Session 2021 will be held in València (Spain) from 2 to 5 June 2021

EIGA, with "safety" in its DNA, could not but cancel the Summer Session 2020, in line with European and Member State recommendations, and in line with our member companies' travel bans and COVID-19-guidelines.

Valencia in 2021

It would be a pity not to enjoy the beauty of Valencia. Hence, the 2021 Summer Session will be hosted in Valencia (from 2 to 5 June 2021).

More to follow early February 2021.

EIGA’s Winter Seminar 2021 will go virtual on 27th and 28th January 2021

The topic of the Seminar will be Behavioural Safety

Preliminary information is available in the flyer