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EIGA : European Industrial Gases Association - AISBL


The European Industrial Gases Association, EIGA, is a safety and technically oriented organisation representing the vast majority of European and a number of non-European companies producing and distributing industrial, medical and food gases.

EIGA is an International Non-Profit Organisation (AISBL).

The member companies closely co-operate in safety and technical matters concerning production, transport, storage and application to achieve the highest level of safety and environmental care in the handling of gases. EIGA also initiates the development of appropriate standards and provides standardisation bodies with technological expertise.
EIGA fully co-operates with all National Industrial Gas Associations and Regional Industrial Gas Associations around the world such as AIGA (Singapore), ANZIGA (Australia/New Zealand), CGA (USA), JIMGA (Japan), MEGA (Middle East), SACGA (South Africa), which are all associated members to EIGA.

EIGA COVID-19 internal rules for EIGA Office meetings

EIGA is ready to welcome its experts in the new offices.

On top of official requirements (see here, we expect visitors to:

1.       have been fully vaccinated with a vaccine recognised by Europe at least 2 weeks prior the meeting, or

2.       provide a negative PCR test no older than 72 hours prior the meeting, or

3.       have been recovered from the COVID-19 virus at least 2 weeks prior the meeting.

EIGA Winter Seminar 2022: Packaged Gases – Safety Inspired Solutions

26th and 27th January 2022 in the Radisson Blu Astrid Hotel in Antwerp, Belgium

Packaged gases is one of the oldest and key activities for the industrial and medical gases industry. It provides unique challenges due to the processing thousands of cylinders every day such as manual handling, filling, re-testing, forklifts and transportation.

The industrial and medical gases industry has a good safety performance, however incidents can still happen due to poor ergonomics, falling cylinders, poor design, human error, …

The EIGA Winter Seminar 2022 on packaged gases will provide:

  • an overview of current hot topics
  • simple / easily implementable solutions to help with reduction of incidents
  • practical solutions to common issues identified
  • ideas to achieve safety goals, keeping individuals safe
  • best practises for the industry
  • a look to the future of what packaged gases will look like

The target audience is:

  • experts (in safety, health and environment)
  • supervisors
  • managers (project, operational, maintenance, senior)

The content and nature of this event make it relevant to a wide audience in order to further improve the industry’s safety performance.

Invitations will be sent around mid-October 2021. In the meantime save the dates of the Seminar 2022!

EIGA Virtual Award Ceremony

The pandemic has prevented us from hosting our EIGA Summer Session in Valencia. Therefore, no Safety Awards Dinner could be held either, where good safety performance and safety innovations are traditionally awarded. But do have a look at the Virtual Award Ceremony. In ten minutes you will have a full overview of all awards.

Congratulations to all EIGA Award winners!

Oxygen eLearning

This eLearning focuses on oxygen safety – a key safety topic for the industrial gases industry. It is intended as awareness training for new and developing engineers, but it can also be used by a much wider audience, such as providing safety awareness information to users, suppliers and manufacturers. The training features knowledge and experience from EIGA members foremost experts on oxygen safety and is combined into an eLearning package that can be delivered to users at a time and place of their own convenience. Users can complete the whole package in one go, or dip in and out as time permits. The training also features a number of training videos to supplement and enhance the learning experience.

For further information on oxygen safety, see EIGA publications:

EIGA Doc 04, Fire Hazards of Oxygen and Oxygen Enriched Atmospheres

EIGA Doc 13, Oxygen Pipeline and Piping Systems

EIGA Doc 33, Cleaning of Equipment for Oxygen Service


This section will be updated regularly.
It was first published on 28 February 2020 and last updated on 26 February 2021

Members with sector-related requests around the COVID-19 pandemic can contact Philippe or Jan (*).  Upon discussing the request/matter within the EIGA community, EIGA will take appropriate action (sharing information, setting up a temporary expert group, escalate to the EIGA Board, …) and feedback.

MGC responses on 21 October 2020 is still valid, for the ‘’Weekly update from EU Industry Trade Associations on the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak on the supply of medicines in the Union/EEA. Report to the EU Executive Steering Group of Shortages of Medicines caused my major events’’:

Our industry of medical gases meets frequently. As result of this week’s meeting, we like to communicate to the EMA that our industry does currently not experience shortages of medical gases to the EU market, nor a significant demand increase.

Still, we like to ask EMA to remind the national competent authority of our document BN 25 on regulatory flexibility during this pandemic 2nd Wave and to maintain these requested derogations for the coming winter period.


How EIGA supports our industry to continue to save lives:

  • Briefing Note BN 27 (for members only) was issued to support the “Temporary Use of Equipment Not CE Marked as Devices in Medical Gas Service” during the pandemic for use in medical or breathing gas service.
  • EIGA published a Briefing Note BN 26 (for members only) on how to disinfect cylinders, to assure the safety of operating staff and drivers, but also users and in addition to obtain a sufficient number of empty cylinders to assure the supply to healthcare facilities and homecare services. See also the related Doc 222.
  • Issue a MGC Briefing Note BN 25 (for members only) with proposals for temporary derogation measures to support the continuation of supply of all medical gases to healthcare facilities and homecare services.

As result of the 2nd wave Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic EIGA requested an exceptional temporary derogation to ADR be issued to assist in the availability of pressure receptacles for primarily medical oxygen, but also to other gases related to the medical supply chain.
The derogation is granted via a Multilateral Agreement M331, which permits Countries that have enacted ADR into their national transport legislation to agree to a variation to ADR. It does not require that every country has to sign an MLA for it to be adopted in an individual country.
Technical Bulletin TB 37
provides explanation to EIGA members and others who fill the listed products in M331, what they should do and not do.

Some of the COVID-19 vaccines require storage and transportation at extremely low temperatures. Dry Ice (solid carbon dioxide) is needed to reach and maintain those temperatures. EIGA members indicate that our sector has the capacity to absorb the anticipated increase in European dry ice demand.Please consult safety leaflet SL 09, document Doc 150, and safety information SI 24 for more information on safe transport and handling of dry ice.

EIGA shares good practices, country implementation and status, actions our different members undertake, and other relevant information as provided by the National Associations and our members.

All EIGA meetings are changed to Net Meetings until further notice, but at least until 1 September 2021.

EIGA Summer Session 2021 postponed to 2022!

EIGA, with "safety" in its DNA, could not but cancel the Summer Session 2021, in line with European and Member State recommendations, and in line with our member companies' travel bans and COVID-19-guidelines.

Valencia in 2022

It would be a pity not to enjoy the beauty of Valencia. Hence, the 2022 Summer Session will be hosted in Valencia (from 1 to 4 June 2022).

Save the date! More info to follow in due time.