Find out why the industrial gases sector is key to enabling a safe and sustainable hydrogen future.

The Industrial Gases sector has more experience in the production, transportation, storage, and application of hydrogen than any other industry in the world, having been active in the field for over 100 years.

Join the next EIGA Summit and embark on a journey to discover, aware, understand, believe and act on the present and future of hydrogen, with the leading voice in safety, health and environmental care in the handling of industrial gases in Europe.


EU Officials will join the EIGA Board of Directors and the Port of Antwerp authorities for a unique showroom of core equipment in the hydrogen ecosystem, supplied by the key players in industrial gases in Europe. 


Be aware of the role of hydrogen in the European framework with the top speakers from key entities such as the European Commission, the H2 Council or EIGA.


Get an in-depth technical and comprehensive overview of the key aspects of H2 production, transport and storage from leading experts in the sector.


Envision a future where hydrogen is a key player by taking a broad view of its applications today and tomorrow and the challenges they present.


Go further into key technical aspects of hydrogen safety and technology in a 3-hours master class from European leading experts.​​