TB 28/19Service Life of Valves with Integrated Pressure Regulator (VIPRs) Fitted to Medical Gas Cylinders

The new revision of the standard for medical Valves with Integrated Pressure Regulator (VIPRs), ISO 10524-3 :2019 Pressure regulators for use with medical gases — Part 3: Pressure regulators integrated with cylinder valves (VIPRs), introduces the term service life, which is defined as the “time period during which a VIPR can be used to refill a cylinder”.


It is the first time that this term and concept has been defined in the standards covering this kind of equipment. The aim of this technical bulletin is to clarify the requirement and to share with the manufacturers of VIPRs some inputs for the justification of the intended lifetime in the VIPR technical file.


This Technical Bulletin is intended for all those involved in specifying the lifetime of a VIPR.