TB 25/21Transportation of Gases in Curtain Sided Vehicles

For many years, EIGA members have safely used curtain-sided vehicles to transport pressure receptacles. This transport is subject to the requirements of the European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road, ADR. In addition, as these are closed vehicles, there are a number of other requirements that need to be considered. This Technical Bulletin identifies some of these requirements.

EIGA Safety Leaflet SL 03, Safe Transport of Gases, gives guidance concerning the safe transport of gases. This Technical Bulletin is mainly focused on transportation of gases in curtain-sided vehicles, in which ventilation can vary depending on the design of the vehicle.

There are a number of recommendations including performing a risk analysis that particularly takes into account the risk of gas leakage from a pressure receptacle during transport and/or parking. Whenever possible, it is also recommended to have openings in the front face and the rear face of the curtain sided enclosure and to unload the receptacles as soon as practical once the journey is ended.

This Technical Bulletin is intended for those involved in the transport of gas cylinders using curtain sided vehicles.