TB 24/18Marking of Tank Containers with the Reference Holding Time

With the entry into force of ADR 2017, (European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road) tank containers for refrigerated liquefied gases shall be marked with the “reference holding time”. This indicates how long the tank container, according to its design and under set parameters, can contain the product without venting due to pressure increase.

The aim of this Technical Bulletin is to give guidance on how equipment which is already in operation and not yet marked shall be made compliant with the new provisions.

With ADR 2017 it has become a requirement to mark tank containers intended for the carriage of refrigerated liquefied gases with the reference holding time (in days or hours) and the associated initial pressure (in bar gauge or kPa gauge). This is a new requirement and it is identical to what was and still is required for portable tanks.

The transition period for the marking to be in place lasts until the next periodic inspection of the tank container, at which time the marking shall be carried out.

For new tank containers, it is the responsibility of the manufacturer to mark the equipment according to the requirements of ADR. This should be checked when the equipment is inspected before putting into service.

EIGA recommends tank containers already in operation should be checked if the reference holding time and the initial pressure are already marked according to the format given in ADR.

This Technical Bulletin is intended for all personnel involved in the operation of tank containers.