TB 15/15Energy Efficiency: Compliance with Legal Requirements and Best Practices

EIGA has compiled this technical bulletin to give information to EIGA members, on the legal requirements and best practices for energy efficiency in order to comply and reduce energy consumption and energy wastage.

Energy efficiency is one of the main targets of emissions trading schemes. Reducing energy intensity not only improves the competitiveness of the economy, it is a very effective way for ensuring reliable energy supplies and promoting market development of highly energy-efficient technologies.

Therefore energy is a priority issue within the European Union which has developed a common energy and climate policy.

EIGA member companies should make sure that they comply with all regulatory demands on energy efficiency, including the requirement for energy audit under EED which must be completed before 5th December 2015 and should consider best practice techniques to improve and manage energy efficiency.

This Technical Bulletin compliments and expands the information published in 2013 in the Environmental Newsletter ENL N° 25 Energy Efficiency.