TB 14/15Lime and the Definition of Waste

The revised EU Waste Framework Directive (Directive 2008/98/EC on waste), published in November 2008 included guidance on by-products and the procedure used in order to assess the possibility for a waste to cease being a waste.

In this case, the corresponding product should enter in the scope of REACH. Lime is a by-product of our acetylene production activity.

EIGA Doc.143 Guide to Lime Applications demonstrates that the lime can be used directly without further processing and should not be considered a waste and contains examples of its uses. 

EIGA has produced this Technical Bulletin to provide information to plant managers, directors, technical directors and environmental specialists in EIGA Member Companies on the applicability of the EU Commission’s by product guidance to lime.

This Technical Bulletin replaces Position Paper PP-19/08 Waste Directive, Lime and the definition of waste which has been withdrawn.