TB 08/18ATB Cylinders

This Technical Bulletin was originally issued in 2012 and replaced Safety Alert SA-02. The Technical Bulletin  is unchanged from the 2012 edition and has been re-confirmed as still being applicable.

The first version of the Safety Alert recommended that the owners of ATB cylinders produced between 1961 and 1963 carry out a thickness check on the base of these cylinders.

This check was recommended to identify cylinders that could have been produced with a thickness defect such as the one on a cylinder that had failed during a hydraulic pressure test.

It has been concluded by subsequent investigations carried out that there is no risk presented by these ATB cylinders and EIGA confirms that the specific ultrasonic test examination for these cylinders may be stopped.

  This Technical bulletin is intended for anyone who is involved in the maintenance activities of high pressure gas cylinders and who may be inspecting cylinders from ATB.