TB 02/12 Microbiological Quality of Medical, Pharmaceutical and Food Grade Gases

This Technical Bulletin details EIGA’s position concerning the microbiological quality of gases used in medical, pharmaceutical and food gas applications.

It is intended to assist in providing responses to both end users of the gases or to Regulatory Authorities when being asked questions about the microbiological quality of gases.

The scope of this document specifically covers the microbiological quality requirements for gases used for medical, pharmaceutical and food gas applications.

It covers compressed or liquefied gases supplied in high pressure cylinders or cryogenic liquids, supplied by tankers into bulk storage tanks or in portable cryogenic containers.

This Technical Bulletin relates only to the quality of the gas and does not cover the external condition of the container.

It is intended for all those who are involved in the gases industry, both suppliers and users who may be seeking clarification of the Microbiological testing of gases.