SL 01/17Dangers of Asphyxiation

Each year there are a number of deaths reported to EIGA that involve asphyxiation caused by industrial gases. The majority of these fatalities are caused by people entering a confined space where there is an oxygen deficient atmosphere, usually caused by the presence of an inert gas.


EIGA believes that all workers should understand and search for potential asphyxiation hazards, in enclosed spaces as well as near to equipment containing gases or cryogenic liquids... take care and warn others.


EIGA’s safety leaflet on this issue “Asphyxiation - the hidden killer” has been revised and brought up to date. The leaflet explains the common risks and hazards, the causes and effects of asphyxiation and provides basic guidance on procedures that should be observed to stay safe. It contains an outline summary of the hazards of inert gases, methods that can be used to control the risks in the workplace and provides references to other EIGA documents.


The leaflet is intended for everyone involved in our industry or handling our gases.