Info 33/18Incidents Involving Manually Actuated Isolation Valves in LOX Service

In 2013 EIGA was advised of two very serious incidents involving large manually actuated isolation valves at air separation plants in liquid oxygen service.

In both incidents there were two fatalities. Wide ranging investigations were carried out and the preliminary results were detailed in the first edition of this Safety Information.

The global industrial gases industry decided that due to the severity of the incidents a globally harmonized publication would be developed that would cover the topic in more depth. This has resulted in the globally harmonized publication that EIGA has published as EIGA Doc 200, Design, Manufacture, Installation, Operation and Maintenance of Valves in Liquid Oxygen and Cold Gaseous Oxygen Systems.

The Safety Information summarises a number of recommendations regarding material selections, cleanliness, management of suppliers and a number of operational considerations that are covered in Doc 200 in detail.

This edition of Safety Information 33 is intended as a reminder that EIGA Doc 200 should be consulted by those who are involved with the design, specification and maintenance of air separation plants.