Info 19/18Nitrogen Hazards in Cryosaunas

EIGA has received reports that there could be unacceptable asphyxiation risks to occupants of cryosaunas used in cryotherapy where they are cooled by the direct injection of liquid nitrogen and if appropriate precautions are not taken.

This Safety Information is intended to raise awareness of the risks associated with the properties of the liquid and gaseous nitrogen used in cryogenic nitrogen therapy. The Safety Information focuses on the main risks of asphyxiation; however, it also highlights other potential risks related to this application of liquid nitrogen.

Gas companies, as suppliers of liquid nitrogen should ensure, that their own organisations as well as their customers (cryotherapy providers) are aware of this Safety Information (and the EIGA documents referenced at the end of this publication on asphyxiation risks and the hazards of nitrogen) in order to determine and implement appropriate safety measures.