Info 02/14Handling of Gas Cylinders during and after Exposure to Heat or Fire

"This Safety Information provides guidance on how to handle gas cylinders exposed to fire or excessive heat. All gas cylinders, whatever the gas content, are potentially dangerous when exposed to fire or heat.

Excessive heat exposure can reduce the integrity of a gas cylinder and in extreme cases result in the failure of the cylinder. It is essential that customers and first responders, such as the emergency services, at incidents involving gas cylinders have the appropriate advice on the correct handling of gas cylinders exposed to heat or a fire.

This Safety Information is based on the knowledge of the gas industry and specifically for acetylene cylinders, the work that has been carried out by the British Compressed Gases Association, BCGA, and the German Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing, BAM.

It should be noted that each situation involving a cylinder exposed to fire or excessive heat requires a detailed assessment of the risks involved.

This Safety Information is intended for all personnel who are involved with gas cylinders and in particular those who could be involved in dealing with gas cylinders that are involved in a fire or exposure to excessive heat such as customers and emergency services."