Info TS 08/17Compliance and Risk Monitoring of Transport Operations through Auditing

Road transportation is one of the highest risk activities in the Industrial and Medical Gases Industry. A proactive monitoring process is required to provide management with a reliable and positive means for identifying levels of compliance with standards, regulations and procedures and potential unacceptable levels of risk from their transport operations.

The most common methodology is a “Transport Safety/Compliance Audit”, which can for example cover internal processes or contractor performance, but there are also other means such as regular analyses of tachograph and on-board computer data and spot checks; driver assessments.

Non-compliance with work instructions, operating standards, legislative requirements, rules and policies can create substandard conditions that increase the risk of incidents in the field of transport operations.

This Transport Safety Information provides advice on monitoring compliance and achieving an acceptable level of risk within transport operations through an internal auditing process. The principles apply equally to transport operations managed within the gas companies or with external hauliers.