Info TS 07/16Human Behaviour within Transport Operations

The root or basic causes of the majority of all incidents in the industrial and medical gases industry are unsafe behaviours by people (employees, contractors, managers etc.), not failures of plant or equipment. Even immediate causes that may be classified as unsafe conditions are usually created, or allowed to persist, through the behaviour of a person or a group of people.

Transport is one of the highest risk activities in the industry and blame for incidents is often put on the drivers prematurely. Root causes for unsafe driver behaviour are often a result of a poor safety management system.

This Transport Safety Information (TSI) provides advice on how to guide transport management and drivers to create an ‘interdependent’ safety culture. The goal is to help achieve an environment that promotes an open communication between employees and management to improve their overall safety performance.

The topic of human factors in general is extensively covered in EIGA’s Safety Information - Human Factors series of documents and is not the focus of this publication. This TSI focuses on management’s and employees’ behaviour within transport operations. The aim is to help managers and drivers understand how their behaviour influences transport safety.