Info HF 13/20Organisation - "Human Reliability"

There are many terms that are used to describe how people contribute to safety events, including human failure and human error. 

In this publication the term ‘Human Reliability’ is used to describe an area of safety management that considers the human contribution to risk and the systems we need to reduce that risk.

Human reliability assessment (can also be known as Human Error Analysis) is used to gather and present information on these factors in a logical way. 

Organisations use human reliability assessment to examine the extent to which they have these factors under good control.  If the level of control (and therefore human reliability) can be improved, the assessment will point to how this may be achieved.

This human factors safety information sheet gives an overview of the various aspects to consider and provides assessment checklists.

The safety information sheet is intended for the use of all line managers within the industrial gases industry as well as safety managers and professionals.