Info HF 04/17Task Factor - "Design and Effectiveness of Procedures"

EIGA’s series of Human Factor Safety Information sheets are intended to explore Human Factors specific to the industrial gases industry, raise awareness on these issues, and provide guidance.

Human factors in the design and effectiveness of procedures focuses on what makes a procedure effective and on how writing and maintaining well designed procedures can ensure consistency and that everyone has the same basic level of information. They are a key element of a safety management system and an important training tool.

Poor procedures can be a reason for people not following recommended actions.

This Human Factors Safety Information sheet gives an overview of the various aspects to consider and provides an assessment checklist. Although the Human Factors Safety Information sheets are aimed primarily at supervisors and managers, they may be of benefit to others who work within our industry.

This is a revision of the Safety Information sheet published in 2009 and has been revised to include latest knowledge and good practices.