PP 36/19Monitoring and Reporting of Greenhouse Gases -Integration of EIGA Opinion on CO2 Transfer into New Regulation

This publication was reviewed in March 2019 and revalidated without modifications.

In 2010, EIGA published a Position Paper (PP-32) on the topic of transferred CO2 within the review of the EU Guidelines for Monitoring and Reporting of Greenhouse Gases (MRG) which referenced Section 5.7 of the EU Commission decision 2007/589/EC of 18 July 2007.

 EIGA’s position was that the MRG guidelines should specifically prohibit subtraction of emissions related to the transfer of carbon dioxide from the Emissions Trading System (ETS) domain to the non ETS domain for short term storage and later use and should ensure that downstream carbon dioxide is accounted as emitted in the production process.

This approach has now been taken into account in the draft text for the regulation. With this new Position Paper EIGA urges Member States and their key stakeholders to continue to support this approach in the draft Regulation in order to maintain consistent rules and application for transferred carbon dioxide across the EU.

This Position Paper is intended to be used by EIGA Members and National Associations to communicate this position and message to EU and Member State authorities.