Doc. 95/12Avoidance of Failure of CO and of CO/CO2 Mixtures Cylinders

This document was originally published in 1993 after a number of incidents where steel cylinders violently ruptured.

The present revision reflects recent experiences of some EIGA member companies.
Accidents have occurred in the past with carbon monoxide and carbon monoxide/carbon dioxide mixtures cylinders.

These accidents led to either leak or rupture of the cylinders. During 1990 two accidents leading to violent ruptures were reported in Asia and North America, and a similar one in South Africa during 1991.
This document covers the selection of gas cylinders; seamless steel cylinders, seamless steel tubes, welded steel cylinders, and non-refillable or disposable steel cylinders, used for carbon monoxide and for carbon monoxide/carbon dioxide mixtures, e.g. laser gases.

Intentionally made mixtures containing less than 5 ppmV carbon monoxide or 5 ppmV carbon dioxide are not affected by this document.
The document is intended to be used by those who are responsible for filling operations, including those who specify mixtures to be filled into cylinders.
The publication is part of the programme to develop Globally Harmonised publications amongst Regional Gas Associations.