Doc. 88/14 Good Environmental Management Practices for the Industrial Gas Industry

"This document is a practical guide to good environmental management practices in the industrial gases industry and can be used on its own or in conjunction with other EIGA publications on environmental management.

The environmental management system standard ISO 14001 Environmental Management SystemsRequirements with guidance for use requires organisations to review their environmental aspects and put in place practices to minimise and control their impacts.

This document provides a standardised list that can be used in any industrial gas company. The document is intended to be used by facility managers and all those involved in environmental management on industrial and medical gases sites including air separation and helium production facilities, hydrogen and carbon monoxide facilities, and carbon dioxide facilities.

It also provides good environmental practices for truck maintenance and distribution, acetylene and nitrous oxide manufacturing, cylinder fill operations, specialty gases operations and customer installation (bulk tanks) activities.

This version has been revised for completeness and clarity and to reflect operational experience."