Doc. 72/18Doc. 72/18 - Water Corrosion of Composite Cylinders with AA 6061 Liners

Aluminium alloy liners of composite cylinders have been in widespread use for about 25 years. A variety of alloys have been used for the liner including AA 6010, AA6351, AA5283, AA7060 and more recently AA6061.


AA6061 became a substitute alloy for AA6351, once certain metallurgical deficiencies, notably sustained load cracking were observed in cylinders made from AA6351.


This publication contains advice concerning cold-drawn hoop-wrapped and fully wrapped composite cylinders using liners from aluminium alloy 6061 and how they could be impacted by the accidental introduction of tap or rain water on the overall life and safety of these cylinders.


The publication is intended for those who are responsible for the specifying of new gas cylinders and those who are involved in their periodic inspection and testing.


This edition has been revised to include additional recommendations and update the reference section.


The publication is part of the programme to develop Globally Harmonised publications amongst Regional Gas Associations.