Doc. 64/16Use of Residual Pressure Valves

The use of Residual Pressure Valves (RPV) has increased significantly since EIGA Doc 64 was first published in 1999. As the use of RPVs has increased EIGA has periodically revised Doc 64 to reflect technical and operational changes. This revised edition has now been adopted as a Globally Harmonised Publication amongst Regional Gas Associations.
This publication is intended for use by gas industry members and their customers. It provides guidelines for the use of RPVs as well as providing definitions for the different types of RPVs.

This publication does not describe any type testing or retest procedures which are covered by International Standards.

The purpose of the publication is to give guidance on the selection, installation and operation of these valves, such that common practices are established across the gases industry so that these valves are of benefit to both the user and operator of gas cylinders.
It is intended for those who are involved in the specification of cylinder valves and cylinder operations.