Doc. 62/14Methods to Avoid and Detect Internal Gas Cylinder Corrosion

There are a number of reasons for a gas cylinder to fail while in service. These include abuse, misuse, manufacturing flaws and internal corrosion. A number of gases can react with moisture to produce corrosive media that could in turn react with the cylinder material and lead to a cylinder failure.

Practices followed by the industrial gases industry have ensured that such failures are very infrequent.
This publication is intended to provide guidance on both preventing and detecting internal corrosion of compressed gas cylinders. It applies to cylinders and bundles of cylinders, including installations at customer sites.

The publication focuses on steel cylinders containing oxygen/oxygen mixtures and carbon dioxide/carbon dioxide mixtures in the presence of moisture. The principles in the publication can also be applied to other gases such as hydrogen chloride.
This publication is intended for all personnel involved in the management of the filling of gas cylinders.
The publication is part of the programme to develop Globally Harmonized publications amongst Regional Gas Associations.