Doc. 61/18Safe Use of Gas Cylinders in Marine Service

The number of industrial gas cylinders which are used in areas such as off-shore oil production, on board ships, shipyards, fish farms and diving applications has increased considerably over the past decades.

The consequence of this is that these cylinders are exposed to the risks of rough handling as well as internal contamination, for example by sea water. These conditions are generally referred to as "marine environment" or "marine service".

This publication applies only to those cylinders which can be identified as having a significant risk of internal contamination and/or rough handling. It primarily covers dedicated oxygen and acetylene cylinders including bundles used in the marine environment, but many of its recommendations may also be applied to other industrial gas cylinders in marine service.

It is intended to be used by those who are involved in the operation of cylinders that could be exposed to adverse conditions in a marine environment. The publication has been revised to include additional recommendations to users on closing cylinder valves and minor editorial and style.