Doc. 60/15Seveso Documents - Guidance on Applicability, Assessment and Legal Documents for Demonstrating Compliance of Industrial Gases Facilities with Seveso Directive(s)

"The Seveso Directives (“Seveso”) are intended to prevent major accidents to people or the environment. For all “establishments” coming into scope there is a general obligation to “take all measures necessary to prevent major accidents and to limit their consequences to people and the environment”.

 Subsequent requirements are designed to implement this objective and/or to assist the site operator to demonstrate their compliance to the satisfaction of the relevant Competent Authority.

This EIGA guidance publication is intended to address Seveso compliance issues for industrial gases facilities which are subject to the requirements of the Seveso Directives.

Typical facilities include air separation plants, acetylene production plants, cylinder transfilling plants and/or cylinder re-distribution facilities, where they have sufficient inventory of dangerous substances.

HyCO facilities are not specifically included because the typical site inventory is not sufficient to be included in Seveso. The legal duties for HyCO sites which do come into scope are in principle the same.

This publication replaces Doc 60/04 “Prevention of Major Accidents”. It has been completely re-written to incorporate the collective experiences of EIGA member companies operating industrial gases facilities under the Seveso Directive across Europe. This guidance publication focuses on the legally required notification, Major Accident Prevention Policy and assessment of relevant scenarios (either with or without an Upper tier Safety Report).

The publication addresses the requirements of Seveso II Directive 96/82/EC, as amended by Directive 2003/105/EC and Seveso 3 Directive 2012/18/EU. The Seveso 3 Directive 2012/18/EU was published on 4 July 2012. All Member States must enact this as national legislation with effect from (and not before) 1 June 2015.

All duties required under Seveso II are maintained in Seveso 3, and some additional duties are added. In each document section, the “Seveso 3 additional duties”, which are significant for the gas industry, are described in this blue italic text.

This publication is primarily aimed at those responsible for making the assessments and developing the reports and documentation required for Seveso compliance. An accompanying publication will focus on the ongoing responsibilities of site operators to maintain effective safety management systems and to provide guidance on demonstrating to regulatory authorities that Major Accident (MA) hazards are properly managed."