Doc. 57/18Recommendations for Avoidance of Sustained Load Cracking of Aluminium Alloy Cylinders

This publication gives recommendations for both the purchase of new aluminium alloy cylinders and the manner for treating certain cylinders manufactured from specific alloys already in service.

Document 57 was originally written to deal with ways of tackling a metallurgical mechanism, sustained load cracking (SLC), found in a number of aluminium alloy cylinders manufactured from alloys 6351/6082. Whilst cylinders are no longer manufactured from these alloys, there are still a considerable number in service and this publication gives recommendations on how they should be managed, inspected and tested.

This publication is intended for those who are responsible for the management of cylinder fleets, including technical and operational aspects such as filling and the periodic inspection and test.

This revision has new sections on publication terminology and references as well as editorial changes to align to the EIGA style manual.