Doc. 40/17Work Permit Systems

Reviews of accidents both inside and outside of the industrial gases industry often reveal that at least one of the following causes have contributed to the accident:

·        Hazards associated with a task were not adequately identified; and/or

·        Appropriate risk prevention measures were not properly identified and/or implemented.

The use of a work permit system to manage potentially hazardous work tasks should ensure that risk is reduced to an acceptable level. This publication is intended to outline the key elements of a good work permit system for work performed at an EIGA member company operating site.

This publication also only concerns itself with the general work permit. Additional separate procedures and extra authorisations would normally be required for specific high risk tasks such as; confined space. entry, hot work, high voltage electrical work or tasks utilising notifiable radiation sources.

This publication is only a guideline for creating and implementing a work permit process and provides a general outline of the key elements of a good robust work permit process. It is not intended to be the work permit procedure itself.

This publication is intended to provide guidance to new/smaller member companies developing their own work permit systems and to provide elements for consideration when reviewing more established work permit processes.