Doc. 36/19Catalogue of Control Marks on Cylinders

This publication is a compilation of control marks stamped on compressed, liquefied or dissolved gas cylinders worldwide and updates a document first published in 1990.

The publication lists existing control marks, which are found on the shoulder of cylinders and which helps the gases industry easily identify the characteristics of a cylinder.

Included are stamp marks from the Notified Bodies associated with both Transport Pressure Equipment Directives (TPED 1999/36/EC and TPED 2010/35/EU) and a reference to the DOT approved retesters.

The stamp marks from the original 1990 publication are included as many cylinders in service still carry these marks on their shoulders.

It is intended for those who are involved in the periodic inspection and testing of gas cylinders as well as those who assess the suitability of cylinders to operate in a particular country.

The publication has been updated to reflect information from both a number of Countries and Notified Bodies.