Doc. 23/18Safety Training of Employees

EIGA Doc. 23 Safety Training of Employees has been extensively revised and the associated Safety Training Leaflets have been revised and are now issued in separate publications to make them easier to access.

Training helps people acquire the skills, knowledge and attitudes to make them competent in the health and safety aspects of their routine and non-routine work. Competence of staff is a key part of safe operation and it contributes to an effective safety culture.

This publication collates and shares the experience acquired by the industrial and medical gases industry in training employees. It covers the key subject areas related to safety training of staff working for or in the name of EIGA Member companies.

This publication is intended to serve as a set of guidelines for company managers to develop their own safety training management system.

Appendix 1 of this publication provides a training programme selection matrix that lists training topics relevant to activities carried out in the industrial and medical gases industry against typical job positions or roles within the industry.

Appendix 2 provides references to EIGA Publications and Safety Training Leaflets that may assist in providing or developing materials for each topic.

Appendix 3 lists the Safety Training Leaflets that are available as separate EIGA publications as follows:

Doc. 23.01      Training Checklist for New Employees

Doc. 23.02      Basic Rules for Safety and Good Housekeeping

Doc. 23.03      Oxygen

Doc. 23.04      Nitrous Oxide

Doc. 23.05      Inert Gases (Nitrogen & Argon)

Doc. 23.06      Carbon Dioxide

Doc. 23.07      Hydrogen

Doc. 23.08      Acetylene, Calcium Carbide, Lime Sludge and Purifying Materials

Doc. 23.09      Cylinders for Compressed Gases

Doc. 23.10      Acetylene Cylinders

Doc. 23.11      Loading and Transporting Cylinders

Doc. 23.12      Cryogenic Liquids, Spills and Vapour Clouds

Doc. 23.13      Fork Lift Trucks

Doc. 23.14      Critical Safety Systems - Alarm & Tripping Devices

Doc. 23.15      Gas Pressure

Doc. 23.16      Electricity

Doc. 23.17      Fire

Doc. 23.18      Hand Tools

Doc. 23.19      Portable Electric Tools

Doc. 23.20      Portable Pneumatic Tools

Doc. 23.21      Chemicals

Doc. 23.22      Solvents

Doc. 23.23      Work Permit

Doc. 23.24      Lone Workers (Not yet published)