Doc. 215/18HYCO Plant Gas Leak Detection and Response Practices

HYCO plants are facilities that produce hydrogen, carbon monoxide and mixtures of these gases. These plants are typically operated with feed stocks such as natural gas, refinery off gas, naphtha, and other light hydrocarbons.

Gases from HYCO plants are flammable and can be toxic; therefore, appropriate leak prevention design, monitoring, and response practices shall be applied to ensure personnel and public safety. Leak detection is part of an overall system comprising design aspects, leak detection devices, operating practices and the response to leak indications.

This publication applies to HYCO plants. Information in this publication may also be applied to facilities, such as trailer fill stations, cylinder fill stations, electrolytic production facilities, or vehicle fuelling stations.

This publication covers methodologies for prevention of, detection of, and response to flammable and/or toxic gas leaks that occur within the fence line of these facilities. Typical leak detection technologies are discussed including personal monitoring, fixed monitoring, and specialised detectors for identifying leak location. This publication also addresses the specifics of gas leaks occurring at unmanned or remotely monitored sites.

The publication is part of the programme to develop Globally Harmonised publications amongst Regional Gas Associations.