Doc. 199/15 Safe Handling of Electronic Specialty Gases

The electronic industry is using a large variety of gases and gas mixtures with different intrinsic hazards and risks associated with their use. Most of these gases are produced with a high level of purity as required by the electronic industry.

This new document gives an overview of the different hazards of those “electronic” gases and provide awareness and guidance for the personnel working in facilities that package, distribute and use those gases.

It is not meant to take the place of work instructions or operating procedures, but rather to assist personnel to identify generic steps that need to be taken in their routine operations as well as to recognize issues that could result in injury to personnel or in damage to equipment.
This document is an harmonised document prepared jointly with the Asia Industrial Gases Association (AIGA), the Compressed Gas Association (CGA), the Japan Industrial and Medical Gases Association (JIMGA) and EIGA.

It provides numerous references where additional information can be found in the literature published by those associations.