Doc. 198/15 Security and Safety for Homecare Field Personnel

"Field homecare personnel are required to deliver product and services to patients’ homes. The homes can be in areas subject to high criminality leading to risks to staff during the delivery process.

Some of the patients and patient’s relatives, or people in the area, have been known to threaten and assault member company staff. These threats and assaults have included physical and verbal abuse as well as the use of weapons.

The publication is intended to enable EIGA members to prepare guidance for field staff such that they, their managers and schedulers are better able to identify potential threats and risks.

The intent is to provide guidance so that staff can stay safe and secure when undertaking their duties. This publication is applicable to field personnel who deliver product or services to patients and those who manage such personnel.

For the technical requirements for the supply of medical oxygen systems see EIGA Doc 89 Medical oxygen systems for homecare supply."