Doc. 190/14Plant Integrity Management

"This document has been prepared by member companies of EIGA to establish a common position and give guidance on Plant Integrity Management (PIM).

This topic is also referred to as Plant Ageing. It is increasingly included in authority inspections of plants subject to the Seveso Directive and this document may be used to demonstrate compliance to the directive.

Ageing is not about how old equipment is; it is about its condition and how that is changing over time. Ageing is the effect whereby a component suffers some form of material deterioration and damage (usually, but not necessarily, associated with time in service) with an increasing likelihood of failure.

Ageing equipment is equipment where there is evidence or likelihood of significant deterioration and damage taking place after placing into service.

The purpose of this document is to give guidance on the management of plant integrity to designers, manufacturers and operators within the industrial medical and food gases industry to ensure the continuing safety of equipment.

Much of the guidance is similar to that in the general process industry. However, recommended inspection procedures for equipment specific to the industrial gases industry are included as appendices, where the lack of potential deterioration mechanisms makes traditional internal periodic inspections inappropriate."