Doc. 186/21Guideline for Process Safety Management

Process Safety Management (PSM) is of interest to many organisations looking to adopt an integrated and systematic approach to assuring the integrity of their operations. The publication is intended to provide a design basis for the development of a process safety management system where an organisation does not have one. It may also be used as a common basis for benchmarking existing process safety management systems. The elements of the process safety management framework set out the key aspects to assure the integrity of operations. Each element contains an overview which states its intent and a number of requirements which define what organisations should address.


Where an organisation has a process safety management system or an integrated management system incorporating health, safety and environmental and process safety management they should carry out a gap assessment versus the requirements of each element in order to identify any aspects of the system that need to be enhanced. This publication is aimed at senior management, operational managers, safety professionals and all those involved in process safety.