Doc. 183/13Best Available Techniques for the Co-Production of Hydrogen, Carbon Monoxide & their Mixtures by Steam Reforming

"This document provides guidance on compliance with EC Directive 2008/1/EC Integrated Pollution Prevention & Control, which has been recast into EC Directive 2010/75/EU Industrial Emissions and associated BREFs.

The main objectives are

  • To propose techniques deemed as best and available for steam methane reformer plants with one or multiple products.
  • To gather data to support conclusions on Best Available Techniques.
  • To encourage consistency with associated BREFs about hydrogen, carbon monoxide, and syngas production.
  • To contribute to the European IPPC Bureau’s reference documents that are due for revision and that are associated with hydrogen, carbon monoxide and syngas production technologies.

This document specifically addresses the co-production of hydrogen, carbon monoxide, and their mixtures by steam reforming In that regard, this document is a sister to EIGA Doc.155 which focuses primarily on the best available techniques of steam reforming where hydrogen, (beside the co-produced steam) is the only product.

This EIGA publication is intended to provide guidance to site managers, technical managers, and company environmental specialists on some best available techniques for the co-production of hydrogen, carbon monoxide and their mixtures by steam methane reforming."