Doc. 182/19Pre-fill Inspection of Customer Owned Cylinders

Gases companies are often presented with cylinders for filling that are owned by customers or other third party organisations.

This publication proposes a sequence of checks that such cylinders should pass through before filling to ensure the safety of the gas company personnel who will fill them and to ensure that the filled cylinder is legal and safe for eventual use by the end user.

This publication should be used by gas company personnel responsible for filling cylinders owned by customers or other third parties.

It offers a process and will guide them through a series of checks needed to ensure that such cylinders are filled in accordance with operating procedures and that the cylinders are safe and legal to use by the end-user.

Individual gas companies may have their own systems of checks which differ in minor details from those proposed in this publication.

It does not cover pre-fill inspection checks carried out by gases companies on their own cylinders or on those they regularly fill for established customers.

This revision has editorial changes as well as new sections on definitions and “open pool” cylinders.