Doc. 181/13Gas Cylinders Compliance with the Revised Packaging Waste Directive 94/62/EC as Amended

"Directive 94/62/EC on packaging and packaging waste requires Member States to prevent the formation of packaging waste, to ensure that the amount of packaging placed on the market is kept to a minimum and to develop packaging reuse systems reducing their impact on the environment.

  It defines packaging and packaging waste that should be subject to these measures. Annex I of the Directive is used to provide clarification on cases where there is borderline definition between what is packaging and what is not.

The Commission’s aim of the amendments is to facilitate the implementation and enforcement of the packaging legislative framework and create a level playing field for economic operators across the EU's internal market.

The recent amendment 2013/2/EU of 7 February 2013 amending Annex I to include “Refillable steel cylinders used for various kinds of gas, excluding fire extinguishers”  as a new illustrative example for packaging.

  This has the effect of defining gas cylinders as packaging under the Packaging Waste Directive. This document is intended to be used to illustrate how gas cylinders can comply with the directive now that they are included, to provide guidance to EIGA members on the consistent and practical implementation of the packaging waste directive and to help ensure that Member states implementation does not duplicate or conflict with existing regulations concerning the management of gas cylinders. The document is intended for all those involved in the management of gas cylinders, including environmental and regulatory specialists."