Doc. 175/16Safe Practices for the Production of Nitrous Oxide from Ammonium Nitrate

"This publication considers the safety aspects of the design, construction, installation, operation and maintenance of nitrous oxide plants that use ammonium nitrate technology for nitrous oxide production.

Emphasis is placed on equipment, operational and maintenance features that are specific to nitrous oxide plants.

This subject was previously covered in EIGA Document 116, Code of Practice - Nitrous Oxide. Document 116 was withdrawn in 2013 and split into two parts, with production covered by this publication and storage and handling of nitrous oxide covered by EIGA Document 176, Safe Practices for Storage and Handling of Nitrous Oxide.

This edition has been revised from the 2013 edition to include additional requirements for melter shutdown and cleaning. The opportunity has also been taken to align the publication with the IHC style manual.

This publication is intended for those associated or concerned with the manufacture of nitrous oxide from the thermal decomposition of ammonium nitrate. It also serves to inform persons not familiar with ammonium nitrate and nitrous oxide technology with those factors that are considered important to safety and provides advice for improvement of safety in the production of nitrous oxide.

The publication is part of the programme to develop Globally Harmonised publications amongst Regional Gas Associations."