Doc. 173/13 ADR Transport Security Guidelines

"There is a requirement within ADR for those transporting dangerous goods to take account of security provisions, and in particular for certain "high consequence dangerous goods".

This document gives guidance on the issues to be considered and precautions to be taken for transporting gases when complying with the security requirements of ADR Chapter 1.10. Within Appendix 1 there is an example of a security plan which can be used as a template to assist transporters of dangerous goods to prepare a security plan.

This document was originally only available on the Members area of the EIGA website, but it has been agreed to now make the publication available to a wider audience.

The document is intended to be used by those involved in the transport of dangerous goods by road and who are responsible for the preparation or administration of the security provisions of ADR.

The document has been revised to correct a table reference and to add clarity to what high consequence dangerous goods are included in ADR."