Doc. 170/17Safe Design and Operation of Cryogenic Enclosures

Cryogenic processes often operate inside enclosures that insulate the process equipment and interconnecting piping from ambient air and temperature.

This prevents many problems, including excessive heat leak into the process and water freezing around the equipment. In many cases, the enclosure is purged with a dry gas to prevent ambient air from entering the enclosure and creating hazardous mixtures. Cryogenic enclosures can create potential process safety hazards.

This publication identifies the general hazards, and provides guidance to reduce their frequency and consequences.

It provides safety guidance and addresses design and operating practices only as they affect safety and addresses both cryogenic ASU and HYCO processes.

This revision has an amended scope, a new section on cryogenic embrittlement, and the section on emergency condition guidance has been expanded.

The publication is intended for those who involved in the design, operation and maintenance of cold box enclosures.

The publication is part of the programme to develop Globally Harmonised publications amongst Regional Gas Associations.