Doc. 168/17Calculation Method for the Analysis and Prevention of Overpressure during Refilling of Cryogenic Tanks with Rupture Disk(s)

This publication provides technical guidance and the complete equation set needed to determine if a particular vessel can or cannot be over pressurized during the refill operation.

Acceptable engineering controls for the protection of cryogenic storage tanks and transport tanks with rupture disk(s) as part of the relief system are provided.

The calculations in this publication should be used to evaluate each pumping system and cryogenic tank combination in use with oxygen, nitrogen, or argon.

The publication applies to tanks filled either by pump from a cryogenic transport or by a ground-mounted pump and to cryogenic tanks greater than 1000 L (265 gal) water capacity. It is intended for those who are involved in the design and operation of cryogenic storage tanks.

This revision includes updated references and data.

The publication is part of the programme to develop Globally Harmonised publications amongst Regional Gas Associations.