Doc. 160/15/CorrCode of Practice - Silane

"As part the five yearly-review of all EIGA documents, EIGA Doc 160 “Code of Practice Silane”, an internationally harmonised publication, has undergone a complete revision by a joint working group of experts from the participating regional industrial gas associations (AIGA, CGA, EIGA and JIMGA).  

The previous edition of Doc 160 was aimed at outlining best practices for the storage and handling of silane at users’ sites. 

In this new edition, a chapter has been added with recommendations for operations within manufacturing and transfilling plants that are filling and storing transportable silane containers. In addition, the Appendices C and D on distances for exposures based on thermal radiation and on overpressure respectively have been considerably expanded for different release scenarios.

This document is intended for all those involved in the design, operation and management of facilities for the manufacturing, filling, distribution and use of silane.

CORRIGENDUM — Editorial errors were discovered in Tables 6 and 9 of Doc 160/15, the maximum silane volumetric flow rate multiplier was changed from 300 to 250, but the table values were not updated to reflect this change.

They are updated in this corrigendum edition."