Doc. 145/18Safe Use of Brazed Aluminium Heat Exchangers for Producing Pressurized Oxygen

This publication addresses Brazed Aluminium Heat Exchangers (BAHX) used for boiling product oxygen at elevated pressures. Because BAHX are one of the major components of an Air Separation Unit (ASU), industry guidance to assist designers and operators of ASUs is considered very important.

Oxygen enters the BAHX as a subcooled liquid and leaves as a superheated vapour. Other uses of BAHX in oxygen applications are not addressed, although incidents involving aluminium in oxygen service are discussed.

This publication contains a summary of current knowledge and industrial practices used in the safe application of BAHXs for the boiling of oxygen at elevated pressures.

This publication is not intended to be a mandatory standard or code. It is based upon the combined experimental work, operating experience, and design practices of major producers and operators of ASUs.

The publication is intended for those who design and operate ASUs that incorporate Brazed Aluminium Heat Exchangers.

This revision incorporates a reference to additional research work that has been carried out.

This publication is part of the programme to develop Globally Harmonised publications amongst Regional Gas Associations.