Doc. 140/18Code of Practice – Compressed Fluorine and Mixtures with Inert Gases

This publication has been reviewed in 2018.  During the review mathematical symbols have been replaced by text.  Two of these replacements in par. 8.2.2 were incorrect and have been corrected in January 2020. 

This publication describes techniques for the safe manufacture and handling of compressed fluorine and fluorine mixtures in inert gases.

The properties of fluorine, oxidising hazards, control of toxic hazards, equipment selection, cleaning and passivation, cylinder filling and emergency response measures are also considered.

The publication is intended for those who are involved with the supply, distribution and use of compressed fluorine and mixtures of fluorine with inert gases.

This revision includes a number of technical and editorial changes to reflect current practices.

The publication is part of the programme to develop Globally Harmonised Publications amongst Regional Gas Associations.