Doc. 134/12Potentially Explosive Atmospheres EU Directive 1999/92/EC

"The EC Directive 1999/92/EC, which defines the minimum requirements to protect workers from potentially explosive atmospheres (ATEX 137A) came into force some years ago. 

The transition period ended on 1 July 2003 when new equipment and new work places has to comply and the directive had to be fully implemented for existing work places before 1 July 2006. 

This guideline was issued to facilitate and harmonize the interpretation and implementation among EIGA members of the required risk assessments and specifically the classification of areas where an explosive atmosphere can occur according to the directive and related standards.

The document has been revised to include guidance on classification of the storage of flammable and pyrophoric gas cylinders in open air.

The document is aimed at all persons involved in the assessment, classification, installation and management of facilities which handle products that could create potentially explosive atmospheres."