Doc. 127/20Bulk Liquid Oxygen, Nitrogen and Argon Storage Systems at Production Sites

The increase in recent years in the size and production capacity of air separation plants has led to a corresponding increase in the capacity of cryogenic liquid storage installations at production sites. Therefore, it has become more important to consider the potential hazards associated with cryogenic liquid, the consequences and effects on the local environment of a major release of liquid, and the preventive measures required.

This publication specifically covers storage installations on production sites where the storage tank is flat-bottom constructed, is connected to the production process plant, and the individual tank capacity is greater than 125 000 litres.

This publication provides guidance for those persons directly associated with the design, installation, operation, and maintenance of bulk cryogenic liquid storage systems. The intent of this publication is to ensure that a minimum, uniform level of safety is provided throughout the industrial gas industry for the protection of the public and industry employees. Users of this publication should recognise that it is presented with the understanding that it cannot take the place of sound engineering judgment, training, and experience.